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5 February 2019
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Weapon Transport Accessory, Who is it for?

The weapon transport accessory is intended for anyone wishing to transport, protect or store a weapon in the best safety conditions.

One might think that these accessories are superfluous or that one would easily do without them, but the law concerning the transport of weapons stipulates that a weapon carried must be made unusable immediately by several processes such as a cover, a briefcase or a trigger guard padlock. It is therefore a question of the safety of the owner of the weapon as well as his entourage.

These are over-the-counter items.

The different techniques
There are two main categories of items for the transport and protection of the weapon: the case and the cover.

The briefcase
It consists of two rigid plastic shells articulated and lined with honeycomb foam for optimal support and protection of the weapon.

The variety of existing dimensions makes it possible to satisfy both handgun and long gun owners.

It is the most effective protection, both in terms of strength and discretion, and the weapon is protected from any impact. It usually leaves enough space inside to store accessories or fragile objects in addition to the weapon.

The case also allows you to insert a padlock into its locking system.

The cover
It is a sheath made of fabric or leather that can be resealed by zipper or strap. The cover is padded in its inner part to limit shocks. It is very common in the field of long guns but there are also handgun covers.

Lightweight and space-saving protection, it is ideal for small transport or temporary storage but does not offer the same level of protection and discretion as a briefcase.

It also allows you to lift several weapons in each hand thanks to its large handles.

On the other hand, its textile nature allows it to have pockets and loops and some rectangular models serve as shooting mats.

Add to these products the very useful locks that make the weapon inoperative when you decide to do so.

The trigger guard lock
With code or key, it is generally universal and blocks access to the trigger tail of the weapon thanks to a metal rod that crosses the trigger guard from side to side. It has rubber edges to prevent damage to steel or tanning.

The cable lock
Like a bicycle anti-theft cable, the cable lock slips into the breech and long gun magazine housings to prevent any insertion of the moving parts essential to their operation.

Briefcase, cover, how to choose yours?
The choice of a briefcase or cover often depends on the tastes and habits of each gun owner. A particular attraction for a material or an aesthetic are criteria of choice, but choosing the right storage accessory for your revolver or pistol is above all a matter of size.

Before buying, determine the dimensions of your weapon and consult the characteristics of the desired cover or case on the website. Just as it is not necessary for your weapon to float in a large storage space, be careful with the different lengths!

Don’t forget either that your weapon gains in height once the optics are mounted, and that this requires a storage model that takes into account this increase, which will result in an increased width of the storage. It is distinguished by its name, which is called “with a mounted bezel”.

Finally, to dispel preconceived ideas: a cover is not necessarily more economical than a briefcase, everything depends on the level of finish and services offered by the product!

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