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Training methode for your archery practice

19 March 2019
Author : londero-admin

Establish a planned development process that will allow you to achieve higher results in your archery practice.


Prepare in advance

  • Regularly identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Choose achievable objectives.
  • Guide and coordinate your efforts by developing an agenda of activities.
  • Evaluate and monitor your progress.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses
  • Know the elements of your shot that you master perfectly
  • Know the unstable, uncontrolled and uncomfortable elements of your shooting. These elements cause errors, reduce your performance and produce poor results (scoring).
  • Compare your shooting technique with that of your competitors, friends and coaches to validate your choices.

Choose achievable objectives

  • Take the time to choose the elements to develop that will bring you the maximum result (scoring).
  • Accept that it is impossible to develop everything in a year. You will therefore have to invest over several years to achieve your dream.
  • Start with the elements that are less well mastered and choose for each of them a goal that you are sure to achieve within the year.
  • Remember that the best result is obtained with the sum of the small successes.

Make an agenda of activities

  1. Determine your schedule
  2. Choose and distribute your activities wisely:
  3. Shooting sessions
  4. Competitions
  5. Training
  6. Training camps
  7. etc.

Evaluate and monitor your progress

Monitor your results, analyze your performance on a daily basis, session after session and competition after competition, to react quickly and adjust your plan constantly throughout the process that will lead you to success and victory.

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