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1 March 2019
Author : londero-admin

Hiking equipment

While every hike begins with the first step, before the hike begins, hiking equipment should include all the important elements you need. Because with the optimal hiking equipment, it’s twice as much fun.

Hiking boots

Walking without stable and comfortable hiking boots is not much fun. With high-quality hiking boots, you can cope with long hikes and difficult terrain without any problems. Depending on your needs, hiking boots in leather, or imitation leather, or waterproof with Gore-Tex membrane, or comfortable, light and airy hiking boots are available. In particularly hot areas, hiking sandals are also very practical and rain boots for hiking are useful in particularly humid areas.

Hiking backpack

Hikers carry their luggage in different sizes of backpacks depending on the length of the hike. From the small Daypack with a volume of about 25 L, to the hiking backpack for multi-day hikes, to the large trekking backpack for long hikes with lots of luggage. Popular manufacturers of hiking backpacks that offer very good and comfortable carrying systems.

Hiking sleeping bags

For hiking in mountain huts, hikers do not necessarily need a warm sleeping bag. A refuge sleeping bag, a bag sheet or a silk sleeping bag are sufficient in most cases. To spend the night away from the huts in a hiking tent or under a tarp, a warm hiking sleeping bag and a practical camping mat are required. The particularly light and compact sleeping bags from Mountain Equipment, Vaude or The North Face are perfect for hiking.

Hiking sticks

Hiking poles or telescopic poles provide safety and stability during hikes. Leki or Black Diamond hiking poles are generally made of two or three carbon or aluminium segments whose length can be individually adjusted by clipping or tightening. The hiking poles that can be carried folded up on the hiking backpack are a great help when going up and down.

Hiking clothing

Hikers’ clothing should be breathable, fast drying, comfortable and durable. Hiking shirts made of functional synthetic fibres are very popular with hikers. And the same goes for hiking pants and elastic hiking pants. Hikers like to wear technical underwear made from synthetic fibres or merino wool under their waterproof and windproof outdoor jackets. Softshell jackets and hardshell jackets are used as hiking jackets. In any case, good hiking socks are essential when hiking. A hiking hat that protects from the sun and the weather is also necessary for hikers. Depending on the hiking area, a pair of sunglasses or gloves should always be put in the travel luggage. The selection of technical outdoor clothing is very wide. Sometimes it is not immediately possible to distinguish the differences in use between hiking equipment, climbing equipment and camping equipment, but with The North Face, Mammut, Marmot, Bergans or Ortovox hiking clothing you are perfectly equipped for every hike.

Hiking accessories

The accessories for hikers are as varied as the hikers themselves. For some, cleaning products such as waxing or a waterproofing spray are essential, and others will never be able to do without binoculars and a flange. Indoor slippers for hiking in hutches, a headlamp, a compass and a detailed hiking map are very useful in all cases. Blister dressings, hiking gaiters, a GPS unit and a first aid kit for hikers complete the hiking equipment.


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