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Date : 15 November 2018
Specific permits, seasons, rules and regulations for the hunting in Quebec: PERMITS Visit the Ministry of Natural Resources website for complete details on hunting regulations (licenses, firearms, dress and export) for residents and non-residents, and download the latest version of the Summary of Quebec Hunting Regulations. In some […]

Behavior code of the hunter

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Date : 14 November 2018
HUNTING AT THE TIME OF SHOOTING A safe, responsible and respectful hunter seeks not only to harvest the game he covets, but to do it properly and effectively in accordance with the hunter's code of behavior. Hunting at the moment of shooting is an opportunity to apply your […]

Hunting regulations by territory – Quebec

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Date : 10 November 2018
PLANNING A HUNTING TRIP, A STRATEGIC CHOICE! In public land : No matter where your hunting activities take place, you must have read the [hunting regulations according to the territory] and ideally have a copy with you. There are many variations depending on the area for: The catch […]
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