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Blank defence weapons – Blank ammunition

5 February 2019
Author : londero-admin

Blank Weapons,  Who is it for?

They are intended for individuals or professionals wishing to equip themselves with defence weapons to ensure the security of their home. These are non-lethal weapons that are freely available to any adult citizen upon presentation of an identity card.

Blank defence weapons can also be used for historical re-enactment or filming of cinema films, in accordance with the regulations in force.

The proposed technologies
In the defence blank gun registry, we find the two main handgun technologies whose operation they resume: the pistol and the revolver.

The blank guns operate in a semi-automatic way and have a straight magazine housed in the stock. With each shot, the slide on top of the weapon moves back and ejects the empty shell, then rechambers a new ammunition when it returns forward, ready to be fired, this system is also called the unlocked breech.

The revolver has a cylindrical barrel parallel to the barrel of the weapon, which has a variable number of holes that can accommodate cartridges. After a shot, the magazine rotates to present a new ammunition in the axis of the barrel and percussion hammer. Empty cases are not ejected.

Defense blanks are very accurate copies of authentic handguns and are intended to imitate their operation with blank ammunition, i. e. without projectiles and non-lethal, which consists only of a powder charge.

They are designed to act as a deterrent because of their realistic appearance and the strong detonation caused by the ammunition during firing.

The different calibres and their uses

These weapons use blank ammunition of different calibres depending on the model. There are 9 mm, 8 mm, 6 mm and .22 long caliber ammunition. They operate on the same principle as authentic ammunition, i.e. on the principle of central or ring percussion for the smallest calibres.

The larger the size, the higher the powder charge and the greater the detonation and combustion gases delivered.

Pistols use throat ammunition known as PAK, while revolvers use bulge ammunition marked with an R following the calibre reference.

This means that there is 9 mm PAK as well as.380/9 mm R.

Attention, the ammunition for pistol and revolver are not compatible with each other!

Similarly, if you already own an old or new defence weapon, the ammunition is accessible separately. In case of doubt about the caliber to use, refer to the indications on the product sheets or ask one of our gunsmiths for advice.

Finally, some ammunition contains an irritant agent (CN, CS) that is projected several metres towards the target during firing, producing an incapacitating effect on the aggressor. There are also ammunition with increased pyrotechnic effects, such as Flash ammunition, which produces a flame and an improved detonation.

Precautions for use

This is a product that requires precautions for use and proper maintenance to keep it operational and in good working order, for the final safety of the user.

Here are some rules of use for beginners so as not to risk damaging their pistol or blank revolver due to an error in use or negligence:

Use appropriate ammunition:

Care must be taken not to switch calibres and ammunition because they are not necessarily compatible with each other. The calibre must be respected because a weapon has been designed to work properly only with the designated calibre. Therefore, comply with the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid any technical inconvenience.

Do not attempt to insert real ammunition into the weapon to fire them either, there is no compatibility and the gun/revolver is not proven for such life-threatening operations.

Do not make any modifications to the weapon:

The manufacturer of blank weapons is a weapons professional, and the layout of the weapon components must not be random or fanciful. Mechanical parts are subject to high stresses during firing and their resistance is ensured by respecting precise dimensions and a complete mechanism.

Do not remove or modify any original parts to maintain proper operation and avoid the risk of mechanical failure or injury. For example, removing the ring inside the barrel of a blank gun will prevent the slide from moving backwards due to gas compression, and the ejection of the empty sleeve will no longer be ensured.

Avoid complete disassembly
The mechanism of a firearm is meticulous and contains many small parts, springs and pins. Complete disassembly is not recommended even in the event of a breakdown, you risk a loss of warranty and our technicians are competent to carry out repairs.

A summary disassembly is possible as on real weapons of which they are replicas, which allows access to the most important elements of the weapon and to clean them. This disassembly is easy and will not put you in difficulty.


As far as general maintenance is concerned, it is like on real handguns, essential. Whether it is cleaning or storage, it is important to offer the best conditions to your mechanics for optimal operation:


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