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Advices for the purchase of a air gun

26 October 2019
Author : londero-admin

You want to buy a weapon, you have decided on pellet guns, but you do not know what the regulations are about them? In Canada, the law is very strict about the acquisition and possession of weapons, which is why it is necessary to find out before trying to buy one. This is a guide to everything you need to know about them.

Firearms regulations

Air guns, even the least powerful, are subject to strict regulations in Canada. In summary, Canadian law sorts weapons into categories. Depending on the category to which they belong, the rules for buying one are different. It is thus possible to acquire a weapon by being of age if it is in category D (the lowest). Conversely, it is simply prohibited for individuals to acquire a weapon if it belongs to category A (weapons of war).

With regard to Air weapons, to know which category they belong to, it is enough to look at the power of the weapon. Above 20 joules, it is a category C weapon, so you need specific proof to be able to acquire one. Between 2 and 20 joules, it is a category D weapon, which can be obtained by any adult. Below 2 joules, the weapon is weaker and can be used for example to practice airsoft. If you are interested in this shooting sport, check out this article about it.

With few exceptions, all pellet guns exceeding 20 caliber are category C weapons. All you need is a current year’s shooting licence or a valid hunting licence of the year to own one.

Be careful, however, if you are allowed to possess one of these weapons, it does not mean that carrying them is allowed. In France, the carrying of weapons is prohibited, regardless of the type of weapon. Only the carrying of simple defensive weapons is tolerated, such as pepper spray or paralysis.

Buying a air gun: what to choose?

Once these rules are in mind, you are ready to buy your first pellet gun. The problem: what to choose? First, there are two types of air weapons: Co2, and compressed air. These are two propulsion methods that change the way they are used.

In the first case, it is a weapon that requires a reserve at Co2 to fire. This constraint allows him to fire repeatedly as long as neither his reserve nor his loader is empty. In the second case, a spring must be tightened between each shot. Repetitive firing is therefore not allowed, but it will be possible to fire as long as there is ammunition left without having to worry about its CO2 reserves.

Once you have made your choice, you will only have to worry about small details. Would you like a realistic weapon? What caliber? What price are you willing to pay for the acquisition of your weapon? These are questions you will need to answer before you buy your first pellet gun. If you want to see these guns tested, you can visit the Youtube page of the Londero sports store which regularly presents new air guns.


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