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5 good questions to ask yourself to choose your fishing equipment

19 March 2019
Author : londero-admin

Many fishermen, beginners or not, ask themselves “Which equipment to choose to fish? ». In fact, the question they are asking themselves is “What equipment will allow me to catch more fish? ». Let’s see together the 5 good questions to ask ourselves in order to choose the right equipment and thus fish better.

1/Is there an ideal fishing kit for beginners?

This is the first question that comes up for beginner fishermen, when you start fishing you have to choose your equipment carefully so that it is adapted. If you have to choose a rod for a child, for example, consider adapting the weight and length of the rod to his body size, a rod that is too long or too heavy will quickly become a major obstacle to the pleasure the child will have in fishing. Whether for a child or even an adult if you are a beginner, you will prefer ultra-light sets that are much easier to handle and that will allow you to enjoy catching small fish. The rod and reel assembly must be balanced, i. e. once mounted, the weight of the reel will be well distributed in relation to the rod.

2/Can we choose a versatile fishing equipment?

The dream of many fishermen would be to have a single set that would allow them to fish everything. However, a rod for lure fishing is not suitable for landing fishing and vice versa. There is therefore no equipment adapted to all fishing techniques and many fishermen make this mistake which will greatly reduce the chances of catching fish! Either you will have to specialize in a technique or you will need equipment adapted to each technique.

3/What fish do you want to catch and where?

Few fishermen ask themselves this question, but it is essential! Most fishermen unknowingly take the problem the other way around, they wonder what equipment to buy to fish? You have to proceed differently, namely target the species or 2 to 3 species you want to fish and the places where you will fish. This will allow you to refine your search for equipment. For example, if you want to fish for pike in lakes and trout in rivers, you will need two different sets (rod and reel) to be as efficient as possible. An ultra-light set for trout and a medium set for pike. Fortunately, the pike set will also allow you to fish for pike-perch and a trout set will be used to search for lake perch, for example. Choose your fishing equipment according to the fish you are looking for to fish better.

4/With which technique do you want to fish?

You have understood this in order to choose your equipment properly, it is important to ask yourself the right questions. It is necessary to think carefully and rather to choose a fishing technique (lure fishing, pose fishing, cork fishing…) and invest in the equipment adapted to this practice. It is better to invest fully in a technique to be effective and increase the number of catches, a mastered technique with a good knowledge of the fishing environments will bring you more results than several techniques all poorly mastered. Define the fishing technique that will give you the most satisfaction and buy the equipment accordingly.

5/What budget should be allocated to fishing equipment?

Undoubtedly the decisive question on the purchase of equipment for all of us. If you go fishing that sporadically unnecessary to spend a fortune on equipment. Take the time to think carefully about the fishing conditions you will encounter (places, seasons, species sought) and these indications will allow you to choose the right equipment that will give you the pleasure of fishing even occasionally. If, on the other hand, you are already a fishing enthusiast, invest in quality equipment by buying well-known and recognised brands because you will benefit from their know-how, from the fact that the equipment will have been designed and tested by the best fishermen, and if necessary, from an after-sales service. No need to rush to all the possibilities offered to you in terms of equipment, 2 or 3 quality sets will easily allow you to tour the species you want to target and the places you fish. Choosing your fishing equipment is already dreaming of your future catches.

Remember that it is not the equipment that will make you catch more or bigger fish but the knowledge and experience. If you have any questions about the choice of your equipment, ask us in the comments and we will help you make the right choice.

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